Welcome to the Visitors Survey

Napier City Council would love to hear from park and reserve users to help us with future planning. This survey asks about how satisfied you are with your Napier park or reserve, your expectations and your ideas for improvement.

The survey will take about 5-8 minutes of your time, depending on how much you have to say. Where there is a space for comments, please be as clear and specific as possible.

You can complete the survey anonymously or enter your details at the end to enter a prize draw for one of two $100 vouchers.

You can do the survey for as many parks or reserves as you like - one survey per park please. If your park or reserve is not on the list, please use the 'Other parks - not listed' option and make sure you name your park where asked.

Thank you.

If the park you want to survey was not listed, we’ll need to add it to our system.
Please provide the name of the park and describe it’s location.

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