Yardstick is owned and operated as a collaborative partnership between the private sector and industry associations.

Project management and auditing is undertaken by consulting firm Xyst. In Canada, the auditing role is shared with Clear Vision. These companies bring particular expertise and experience in parks, recreation facilities, asset management and local government.

Key People

  • Brian Milne

    Facilities Benchmarks Project Director

    Brian has a wide range of experience in local government parks and recreation facility management. In addition to a background in operations and planning work, Brian now specialises in asset management for the parks and facilities sector.

    He is currently responsible for managing Yardstick’s online development and the Facilities Benchmark project.

  • Chris Rutherford

    Surveys Project Director

    Chris has a wide range of experience in local government parks and recreation facility management encompassing operations, planning and asset management roles. He has worked for five Councils in the UK and NZ. In addition he has been the contract manager for a large contracts company and worked as an industry specialist in local government for Fujitsu. A few years with Worley Consultants (AECOM) as a Senior Asset Manager eventually led to the establishment of Xyst Ltd in 2000.

    Chris was the Architect of the Yardstick project and is currently responsible for managing Yardstick’s international growth and the Visitor Surveys project.

  • Jayson Kelly

    Parks Benchmarks Project Director

    Jayson has over 25 years of local government experience in the parks sector, either as a council officer, parks manager, or senior consultant specialising in parks management.

    He is currently responsible for the Parks Benchmark project.

  • Eric Hamilton

    Parks and Facilities Auditor

    Eric began working in the parks sector in the early 1980's as a park ranger with regional councils in Auckland and Wellington. After completing a Degree in Parks and Recreation Management at Lincoln University he then changed focus to a planning role ensuring that best practice is integrated into policy outputs. He has worked as a parks and recreation consultant since 2000, with a focus on park and recreation planning of reserves, policy development and operational support.

    Eric is an Accredited Recreation Professional with NZ Recreation Association.

  • Anne Relling

    Parks Auditor

    As asset management practices were introduced into DOC Anne took on roles of implementing AM practices across Fiordland after a stint in the DOC Wellington office. Her interest in walkways was met with a role with Queenstown Lakes DC as Walkways Project Officer prior to establishing her own recreation and parks consultancy.

    Anne is a past Lincoln University graduate holding a Diploma in Recreation Management.

  • Susie Yeats

    Field Research Manager

    Susie has a legal background, having been admitted to the Bar in 1987 as a Barrister and Solicitor. Prior to joining the Xyst team she was involved in a variety of community organisations both as a trustee and legal advisor.

    Susie is responsible for the engagement of intercept surveyors, co-ordination of survey resources, programming of work schedules, undertaking of field surveys, training, quality control and data entry.

  • Alison Rawley

    Yardstick Project Manager

    Alison has over 30 years experience in the parks sector in a variety of roles including operations, administration, planning and asset management.

    During this time her responsibilities included operational maintenance, asset renewal programmes, reserve land administration, policy development, contract management (professional services and construction), asset database management, reserve management planning, asset management planning and community engagement.

    Alison is involved in a variety of roles with the Yardstick projects.

  • Kathy Moore

    Facilities Auditor

    Kathy has worked in the recreation industry for over 30 years. She has a strong engagement with aquatic services, holding various qualifications within the industry, and has held services/facilities management roles for council aquatic centres, district community and school pools.

    Other key areas include recreational and asset management for parks, reserves and sports grounds.

    Kathy is an ARPro (Accredited Recreational Professional), a member of the NZRA Facility Design Peer Group, and a member of theYardstick Benchmarking and Poolsafe Advisory Groups.

  • Daniel Ames

    Parks and Facilities Auditor

    With a background in landscape architecture and environmental impact assessment, Dan has over 15 years' experience working for a range of private landscape and open space planning consultancies in the UK, China and Australia. Most recently Dan has been involved in the successful delivery of more than 50 sport, recreation and open space planning and design projects across Australia.
    Daniel is based in our Adelaide office.

    Daniel has a Bachelor (Hons) of Landscape Architecture - Leeds Metropolitan University, and a Graduate Diploma Landscape Architecture.

  • Troy Sykes

    Parks Auditor

    Troy has 23 years' experience working in Parks municipal government. He has a background in Parks operations and capital planning, as well as extensive knowledge in strategic Asset Management planning, as well as Asset Management implementation. Troy has established his own consultancy firm which specializes in asset management training.

    Troy is currently involved in the Canadian Parks Benchmarking program, and is based in Calgary, Alberta.