What is Yardstick?

Yardstick is a suite of benchmarking tools that delivers “need to know" information for your business to inform your decision making and improve your service delivery.

  • “The Yardstick program allows us to more effectively manage our parks system including benchmarking our progress towards providing better and more innovative responses to our customers’ needs and wants.”

    — David Ellis, City of Lethbridge, Canada

  • “Yardstick has proved to be a very valuable benchmarking tool for our parks management. Yardstick is also a valuable self-improvement tool, where we are seeking to improve our performance and cost effectiveness year on year.”

    — Mark Bowater, City of Auckland, New Zealand

  • “Yardstick benchmarking helps organisations to develop better systems so that information is more readily available and useable. This not only makes it easier to provide information for benchmarking, but means that answers can quickly be provided to managers and community requests.”

    — Jennifer Leaf, Central Hawkes Bay District Council New Zealand

  • “Yardstick is a good tool to understand your assets, operational costs and know where your opportunities are. The audited benchmarking information supports robust discussions with senior management and elected officials.”

    — Ian Soper, Gore District Council, New Zealand

  • “Yardstick allows us to measure performance across a wide range of organisations throughout the country and overseas, and use this information to drive improvements in our own performance.”

    — Garry Page, Opotiki District Council, New Zealand

  • “Ultimately participation in the Yardstick initiative has allowed the District of Squamish to communicate our strengths both internally and externally, identify areas for improvement and has introduced us to a network of our peers to help us address them.”

    — Ben Kineshanko, District of Squamish, Canada

  • “Yardstick lets us compare with similar organisations to see how we perform and how to improve, and gives us the opportunity to use the knowledge in a long-term strategy to improve the services we provide. Another benefit is that Yardstick provides a much wider professional network that assists with sharing information and documentation with colleagues across the globe.”

    — Martin Hojholt, City of Aarhus, Denmark

  • “We gain valuable insights into industry trends and innovations, and also have greater optics on efficiencies and expenditure that ensure best value for the City of Casey community.”

    — Paul Ridgway, City of Casey, Australia

  • “Yardstick provides our business with the ability to measure our performance against similar organisations. We can choose what organisations we want to benchmark against, considering criteria like population, location or size. It allows us to identify where we are achieving industry best practice and helps to priortise areas for improvement.”

    — Vikki Muxlow, Wellington City Council, New Zealand

  • “Yardstick provides a range of benchmarking tools enabling strategic analysis of the business, comparative data to inform service level process reviews and a valuable mechanism for continuous improvement.”

    — Anton Lees, City of Cockburn, Australia